4 Things New Home Owners Should Know

Are you a newly wedded couple who seeks independence from your parents? Maybe, you came to the right place because on this post, we will be discussing 5 important tips that you should do before you buy a house. I can’t promise you to buy the biggest and luxurious house and lot for sale in Metro Manila in town but I assure that in this post, I will help you get the house fits you the most.

These are the things that you should consider before buying a house:

Know your Goals

Before purchasing a house, consider first on what is your purpose of buying the house. Will you use it for a long term purpose where you will spend your whole life with and grow your family? Are you buying a house for indefinite time only where you will only use it weekly as a dorm for work? Or, will you be using it for business and renting purposes? If you will be using the house to grow a family or for business, maybe it’s good to put up a residential house: a Bungalow, a two-story building or a multi-family building with 3-4 units. If you will be using it for indefinite time, where you will send your kids to other places, maybe it’s good to buy a Condo unit.


Now, if you are decided on the type of house you need to build, maybe you should know the things that you need in a house. Do you want the house to have a bar inside, attic or a pool? It’s up to you to decide which of course depends on your planned budget.


If you know the type of house you need and its features, find a professional who can help you on this: maybe, a civil engineer or an architect. They will help you in providing a check list of materials you need and its price.

Apply for a Home Loan

The biggest home loan provider in the Philippines is the PAGIBIG fund. Currently they have 13.8 million members and an estimated amount of P350 billion worth of assets. As a member, you can avail a home loan of up to 6 million pesos. If you want to know more about its benefits, I found a great post here: http://www.lamudi.com.ph/journal/qa-benefits-of-becoming-pag-ibig-member/.

I hope my blog post helped you! Thanks for reading!



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